"Keeping families swimming safely"

Servicing Simi Valley and surrounding areas


- Nominated for "Pool Company Of The Year 2022" award by Pool Nation Awards -

- Nominated for "Pool Guy Of The Year 2022" award by Pool Nation Awards -

- Nominated for "30 Under 40" by Pool Pro Magazine -

Our services

Weekly Maintenance


Including netting, brushing, vacuuming, chemical tests, chemical balancing, equipment check, AND MORE!



Repair or replacement of pumps, heaters, filters, salt cell, auto fill, etc.



Have an issue with algae or equipment? Or just want help understanding or programming equipment? We can help!

Pool Service Simplified...


We offer weekly service that will keep your pool sparkling year round. With the latest technology and billing software, invoices and payments have never been easier. We accept payment through cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, or you can pay with card just by clicking the invoice in your email. You will also receive a report of services completed EVERY week as soon as we finish servicing your pool. 

Professional team

Michael Krause


I have roughly ten years experience in the pool industry. Rest assured your pool will be safe and ready to swim any day of the week under my care. I take classes every year on pool chemistry and emerging technology within the industry.

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